End-to-End IT Solutions for Global Businesses

Digital Marketing Solutions

At DeMaYa Software we know that creating a website is just a first step for any business. But it is just not enough because you may have the best website but it no good if there are no visitors. We can help your website in getting the attention it deserves; we…

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Website Design Solutions

DeMaYa believes that in today’s digital world where every product or service is totally soaked up in Internet. Every business needs a website for online visibility, brand awareness & to promote its products or services in the global economy. We make our client understand that a well-designed website in not…

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Mobile Application Development

Business Applications have witnessed a technology transformation; a transformation from Gigantic Mainframes to Small Desktops, from Desktops to Web Applications and from Web Application to now Mobile Applications. An Era of Enterprise Mobility Mobile applications have gained popularity since the introduction of Smartphones. Every user whether enterprise, consumer or a…

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Custom Software Development

DeMaYa Software is a custom software development services company. We provide software services to financial, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and other industries. We believe that packaged software cannot always meet the business requirements and strategies for every client. The software solution that works for one company may not work as effectively for…

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