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Why Geofencing is Good for Customers

The first tactic we will explore is Geofencing, which can be easily implemented to increase your business. However, before we discuss geofencing specifically, it is important to understand a form of advertising that has been growing rapidly, called Mobile Proximity Marketing, or Location Based Advertising. Visit our website and learn more about geofencing marketing.

Business owners are clamoring for this channel to be used early, since 30% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. This is how they do it: Create engaging and extensible products that give consumers more value - in the palm of their hand.

LBA relies on GPS-enabled smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices in order to reach consumers and deliver relevant and timely messages. These are delivered on mobile devices based upon the consumer's location.

You can use a geofence to maximize the LBA.

The basic principle is: A location-based geofence creates a virtual fence around an address, coordinate or building. When a consumer crosses the virtual boundary, they receive an alert on their smartphone in real-time.

You probably have a few thoughts in mind. What are you thinking? It means I will receive messages on my mobile phone whenever I pass a shop or business while walking, driving, or even just passing by.

Yes. Only if you opt in to receive these emails and from only those businesses with geofencing.

It's important to note that this is a tactic that works both ways. Businesses can offer information that is timely and relevant to their customers that live nearby. They may also send them incentives, or contextual messages that relate to the location of those consumers.

A hypothetical example will illustrate the process. The next time you plan to visit Long Beach you may want to do a little research on the web before your arrival. You're on the Convention and Visitors Bureau site. As you browse through the website, you notice that there is a mobile app that can be downloaded for your smartphone. This will enable you to find businesses and locations within the City you are interested in. You choose which businesses to get messages from and opt-in. If you're walking around downtown or driving past businesses which have geofences, your device will be notified of any incentives, offers, or messages.

The way it Works:

In this way, you can receive updates on the parking situation as you travel. The local art gallery may send an invitation for their event. Your local restaurant or boutique could give you a discount.

As you selected only to receive location-based notifications from businesses in your area, you now have the option to choose those that appeal to you.

With this geofence, we have created an opt-in marketing (push) scenario that includes a call to action with targeted messages (push ads).

LBA has become a very popular tool for businesses as well as consumers. It provides consumers with relevant and timely information. Easy-to-implement, LBA solutions provide a greater return on marketing investment. Ultimately it allows businesses and customers to build deeper and more rewarding relationships in real time.


Geofences help in creating awareness, and providing information on available real estate. Using geofencing, visitors and residents could be informed and directed around traffic during street closures. Coordinating efforts such as geofencing or other LBA strategies can also help to revive and energize cultural and economic projects of various degrees.

This will allow you to reach out to customers in a way that is meaningful to them.

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