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Why do carpet stains keep returning?

Do you remember cleaning a carpet stain and then having it come back a little later? The color will not fade. It's almost scary! Why do carpet stains come back? Dear reader, get the facts about carpet cleaning.

It's important to recognize that not all stains will be the same. Some colors, such red wine and coffee, are known as "dyestuffs" which means they penetrate the carpet's fibers. It can be difficult to remove completely. A small amount of the stain may not be removed by professionals and could reappear over time.

The use of a cleaning method or product that isn't appropriate for the stain or carpet can result in the stain returning. For instance, using a too harsh cleaning agent can damage the carpet fibers. Also, if you fail to thoroughly rinse your rug, it can leave a residue which attracts dirt and causes stains in the carpet to return.

Important to keep in mind that not all stains will be obvious to the naked eye. For example, urine from pets can seep into padding and subflooring when it is spilled on to the carpet. Even after the stain is removed, urine may still leave behind a smell or color change on the carpet's surface.

Not covering the area properly after cleaning is another common cause of carpet stains reappearing. Carpet protectors can help prevent spills, colors and grime from causing damage to your carpet.

Although it can be frustrating when carpet stain reappears, it is understandable why. It is possible for stains to resurface depending upon the type, cleaning technique or method used and the condition of the carpet. You can prevent colors from resurfacing by recognizing the type of stain and using the right cleaning products.

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