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What are the most common types of managed IT services?

Computer maintenance, from hard drive crashes to computer problems that will not start up, is the biggest part of managed IT service. Small or large organisations rely on computers to do almost everything - including typing, design, marketing and other tasks. There are programs for every industry, and our systems have become increasingly complex as technology has advanced. Call in IT professionals to ensure your computer runs smoothly at all times. When or if anything goes wrong, then you'll know exactly who to call - additional info?

The following services are also available:

* Viruses & Spyware Issues

Just one infected email can bring down an entire network. Computers may freeze up, stop responding, or shut off. With IT services, you can protect and repair your computer against viruses.

* Network Management

A network is responsible for controlling all computers inside an organization or office. A network failure can often mean that all the computers in the network are also down. This means the whole office is unable to work. The IT service provider will guarantee that you receive quick response times and optimal network health, as well as outstanding technical support, in case of network problems. The monthly cost of network management will be fixed by any reputable firm that offers managed IT services, no matter how many hours you use.

Connectivity with the Internet

The IT service company can help with internet connectivity from leading ISPs. This includes assisting you when the connection goes down and maintaining daily bandwidth usage. South Africa is gradually improving its internet infrastructure. Consumers have the option of ADSL or 3G connections.

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