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Themed catering events in Berlin add a unique flair

Business Catering Berlin offers catering services that are unique and memorable for events held in Berlin discover more. Business Catering Berlin embodies Berlin's creativity and diversity by creating themed catering events. They offer themed catering events that can be used for a variety of occasions, including corporate gatherings, private celebrations, and special events.

The Magic of Themed Events

The power of themed events is to transport your guests to a different world, create unforgettable memories and ignite conversations. Business Catering Berlin realizes that the key for a successful themed party is not just the decor and atmosphere, but the culinary experience as well. Themed catering is a way to transport guests into a world of delicious, creative food that compliments the theme.

Themes for a World of Themes

Business Catering Berlin is a catering service that offers many themed options for different occasions and tastes. Below are a couple of examples:

Mediterranean Delights. Transport your guest to the sunny shores along the Mediterranean Sea with a theme event.

Bavarian Oktoberfest. Enjoy the German tradition of Oktoberfest and its hearty pretzels, sausages, and beer. It's an exciting theme perfect for company events or celebrations.

Tropical Luau, a Hawaiian-themed luau event in Berlin will transport you to the Hawaiian islands. Guests can indulge in fruity cocktails and fresh seafood as well as vibrant tropical desserts.

Retro Nostalgia. Relive the past with an event themed in retro. Business Catering Berlin offers a variety of menus inspired by vintage cocktails, classic dishes and the 1950s.

Customization & Attention to Detail

Business Catering Berlin prides itself on its attention to the smallest details and their commitment to customer service. Business Catering Berlin collaborates closely with clients in order to tailor the food to fit the chosen theme. No matter if it's designing unique presentation style or sourcing the best ingredients for international themes, their commitment shines through.

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