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Let's take a look at the sometimes confusing and messy world of family therapy and couples counseling. It is like removing the Christmas lights from your home. It may take some time, but it's worth it. For additional information, visit this site.

It's important to understand that family counseling is not about going around in circles while someone takes down notes. It's like a family detective game in which everyone is both the investigator and the suspect.

Couples counseling: What is it? Oh, my goodness! This is another rollercoaster. Imagine you and your partner are dancing. You both step on the other person's feet at first - ouch! After some assistance, you will be able to start dancing together. Couples counselling aims to make you able dance with each other, regardless of the music.

It's cool that the therapy uncovers what I'd like to call "family tales" - stories couples or families tell each other. Sometimes, the stories we tell ourselves are positive - "We survived" - but at other times, they keep us down. It's like a friend saying "Hey, have you ever thought of it this way?" These chains start to unravel.

I can imagine how it would feel to give out personal information to someone you don't even know. Like singing in front of strangers. It's not easy to be vulnerable. It's fine to feel ashamed. The therapists' job is to minimize this pain. You can think of it as having a pleasant coffee with someone who is trustworthy and won't spill your secrets.

Therapy has also evolved to be quite innovative. It's not just about tissues and couches any more. Some techniques can help you rewrite your story (literally), focusing instead on the solutions and not the problems. It's a bit like fixing a broken pipe without giving a damn about the cause.

It's a fact that culture is a big part of the therapy process. The Sunday dinners Grandma insists you eat aren't about just the food. She does it to keep a strong connection between generations.

You don't even need to leave home, unless you have to. It is great for those days when climbing Mount Everest in order to wear your normal pants is impossible.

Why bother? Our lives are built upon relationships, which can be both frustratingly difficult and incredibly rewarding at times.

You are not a fail if you decide to go through with therapy. It's a sign that you want to work hard for a better result. Saying "Yes!" is a choice. Saying "Yes!" To connection, instead of loneliness.

What's different between couples therapy and counseling for families? Tough? Yes. It makes sense. It will help you to cope with whatever the world throws at your path.

In this crazy rollercoaster that is life, remember that a pit stop to repair your car may be the most important decision you make. We're looking for a smoother journey!