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Marriage and Family Therapists will be there to help you in times of hilarity and frustration. Navigate to the next page for additional content.

You say that therapy is reserved for only the worst situations.

These therapists, like relationship-whisperers, help you to see things differently.

They are not the same as sitting in a room with your mother and being asked how you feel about her. It is more of a guide to the jungle gym where relationships and emotions can be explored. Sounds simple enough, right? But it is these types of activities that help build bridges between family members that were damaged by years of neglect or miscommunication.

No one will like to talk about their feelings. Family meetings are not always linear. Many people need coffee and tea to make it through. The path towards progress can be zigzagged, like the knitting pattern of my grandmother.

Remember, bravery isn’t about facing only the biggest and scariest monsters. Sometimes it is about letting yourself be vulnerable when you are tempted to run.

Help is needed if your family conversations feel like navigating a dangerous minefield blindfolded or your dinners with the family look like scenes from reality television. It may be time to seek out a marriage or family therapist who can clear up the tension and restore good vibes.

Hey! Even if nothing else is done, you can enjoy the stories of your dinner guests. (Because, let's face it, what brings more people together than a shared survival story? Sometimes it's wise to stop and make some repairs in this rollercoaster life. A toast to a smoother voyage!