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Seattle Rhinoplasty Guide: A guide for nose surgeries

Seattle is not just rainy. Seattle is not just about the weather. It is also a place where people take their rhinoplasty very seriously. For more information, click here to explore our resources.

Rhinoplasty is not just for celebrities and the rich. This is not for those who want to take a photo that will go viral. It's for people who feel their nose does not fit properly or have trouble breathing due to internal nasal hocuspocus.

Seattle surgeons are like Seattle coffee shops. It's hard to choose one. There are so many great ones, it's hard to choose. My advice is not to pick someone on the basis of their Instagram account or degree list.

We'll talk about dollars and logic. Cosmetic treatments are costly and can drain you bank account if they are done carelessly. Insurance might cover certain aspects of cosmetic procedures that are functional, but it will not cover anything that is vanity-driven. Friends, budget wisely.

Recovery from rhinoplasty is kinda like Seattle weather--unpredictable but manageable with the right gear. Expect some bruising, swelling, and pain (sexy I know), but be patient. Healing is a process. Beauty doesn't happen overnight.

Technology allows us to preview the appearance of a new nose before we have surgery. This is similar to trying on clothes in a virtual changing room, except that you are replacing your nose.

Rhinoplasty doesn't just mean looking better. Seattle, and other cities, are full of people who want to be more confident. It is also about being able to breath easier.

Seattle is a great place to recover from rhinoplasty surgery.

Seattle will take care of you (and your nose), whether you're looking to fix a problem that is making your life difficult or improve what Mother Nature has given you. A confident walk in Pike Place Market with your new nose might be just what you need to fall in love all over again. This time with better WiFi.

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