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Renew wellness & recovery: Breaking Barriers Helps Women Overcome Obstacles for Long-Term Healing

Addiction recovery isn't simple, as we all know clicking here. When it comes to healing for the long-term, women have a special set of problems. Renew Wellness & Recovery as a women’s residential treatment facility in Utah can assist you to overcome those obstacles and obtain long-lasting sobriety. We'll start by examining some of the difficulties women face during long-term rehabilitation and what we can do to overcome them.

Stigma Addiction and mental illness still have a stigma attached to them, particularly for women. Renew Wellness & Recovery provides a safe, supportive environment for you to be your true self without worrying about criticism or being stigmatized. Unfortunately, some women may feel ashamed or condemned about seeking therapy.

We often have to balance our recovery with family and caregiving responsibilities. Renew Wellness & Recovery offers you the tools to help you balance your recovery and family commitments.

Trauma - Many women struggling with addiction have also suffered trauma. This makes recovery that much harder. We offer specialist care as part of a trauma-informed treatment approach which recognizes the impact trauma has on addiction.

Lack of Support - Women need to have a solid network behind them in order to stay sober. In order to assist you with creating a reliable system of support that will keep your sobriety on track, we offer several support groups.

Women with addictions often have mental health problems that co-occur, like depression or anxiety. Our program for treating coexisting disorders tackles addiction and mental issues to aid in your long-term rehabilitation.

Renew Wellness & Recovery treatment programs are designed to address the difficulties women face in long-term recovery and give them all of the tools they need.

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