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Purchase Moldavite in Store and Use These Methods to Define the Real Moldavite

When purchasing moldavite it is crucial to know the varieties and to be able to pick the one that best suits your needs. A primary variety of moldavite available is the one for sale. Moldavite in its unpolished raw state is crystal at its most natural. For those looking to access the raw energy of crystals, this type is perfect. Raw moldavite usually comes unprocessed and in various sizes. More help?

Moldavite is also available in tumbled form. Moldavite which has been polished, tumbled, and buffed has a smooth finish and has an attractive glossy appearance. It's a great choice if your goal is to find a moldavite which is visually more appealing. Moldavite can come in various sizes, colors and forms.

Moldavite, which is a type of polished moldavite, can also be purchased. Moldavite in this form has been cut, polished and shaped into certain shapes such as hearts or circles. Moldavite with a polished finish is great for anyone who wants to express a special vibe. These moldavite are often sold as sets or alone.

Selecting moldavite is all about size, crystal clarity and the quality of the material. Superior quality moldavite is smooth with a clear, green color. It should also be free from chips and fractures. Size of the crystal should be appropriate for both your body type, and what kind of energy is desired.

It is crucial to ensure that the product you purchase is authentic. Moldavite should be purchased from a reputable source, since many of the products on sale are fakes. An authentic vendor is likely to have the certificate of authenticity. They will also be able explain where they got their crystal from, as well as its high quality.

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