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Outsourcing Your Online education: Keeping the balance between convenience and authentic learning

Let's take a dive into the pool of online education that's been gaining a lot of interest lately. Yes, that's right. It's like ordering food take-out, but you get grades. Sounds crazy? Click here.

Imagine yourself juggling your job, some family duties, and now that you've decided online schooling is the best way to continue to learn. Your schedule feels tighter than your jeans after a Thanksgiving feast. So you decide to pay someone for some of your load. You think it's easy, right? Not so fast.

Hiring someone else to teach your online class is like walking the tightrope on top of a pit snakes. It can be risky and make you question what your life decisions are. The challenge is finding someone trustworthy and knowledgeable enough to do the job. The internet can be compared to the Wild West. Every honest John Wayne is matched by a sneaky Billy the Kid looking to profit off your desperate state.

Let's say, however, that you are able to find an academic gunslinger with a perfect record on every assignment. But there's always the question of whether you actually learned anything. Education isn’t just about memorizing information or aceing exams. It’s about grappling ideas until you accept them and they become a permanent part of yourself. Skipping the struggle would be like eating chips and watching workout videos to stay in shape.

Please don't think I'm naive. Life doesn't always play fair. We sometimes feel as though we're asked to run a race with our shoelaces tied together. It may be that hiring assistance is the only solution for those who are struggling to reach their goals without going into an existential meltdown.

This is where it gets interesting. What does the trend reveal about our education systems? If people are outsourcing to learn just to keep pace or get ahead, it might be time for a system reboot. Is our system outdated, with only those that can keep up the pace on a treadmill succeeding?

This whole affair also opens Pandora's box in terms of integrity, both within academia and outside. Imagine landing a new job because someone else completed your courses. The first team dinner could be worse than having to tell your family about Tinder swipes.

Let's return to the most important thing - true learning and development - before we finish this wild journey (and I promise, no fluffy conclusion). Some people may think paying someone to help you with your education is a way to bypass the many challenges that life brings. You'll often be stronger when you take the off-the-beaten path hikes.

You might be better off facing the beast directly than avoiding it. How to get someone to help my child through puberty? Let me know. Who knows, as the world moves towards a smarter way of traveling and living, what other gadgets might join our high tech hoedown. But one thing is for certain - anything that allows me to go from the lobby straight into my room faster than I can say "Do Not Disturb" will be welcomed. The perfect place to make memories.

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