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Mini Bosses and Midnight Giggles – Navigating the chaos and joy of new parenthood

Babies, huh? Like these Baby, they come in, change everything, and then give you the new rules. It's not a manual. No manual, no warning. Just diapers, tears, and one of the largest, heartfelt smiles ever.

Let's have a discussion about sleep – or rather, the lack thereof. The days of binge watching your favorite shows until 2 AM, without having to be concerned about the cries of a small child an hour afterward? You can kiss them goodbye. It's time to master the art of walking upright while half-asleep, in order soothe a crying child. Surprise! They're up again just as soon as you get them to sleep. You're not done yet.

When it comes to feeding time, it is like you are on a cooking show, where the clock ticks down. Instead of Gordon Ramsay shouting at you though, you have a baby that's very hungry and doesn't give a damn if the formula isn't mixed fast enough or you cannot find the right shield. You finally get everything figured it out and then they suddenly decide to hate carrots. Great.

Do not forget the diapering duty. Like defusing a explosive using an unpredictable timer. What's next or when will it explode? You'll never know. Trust me, the explosion will happen - often right after you change your diaper and clean them.

Having a baby has its own challenges but it also brings with it some amazing moments. These are the ones that make everything worthwhile. The first real smile you see that's not caused by gas. Hearing them giggle at your silly actions (who knew peekaboo was hilarious?) They are gold nuggets hidden in the maddening mine of parenting.

The power of babies to bring people closer together is no different. Strangers who are in the checkout line of a grocery store become more friendly when they notice your baby. Baby's can melt even the hardest hearts.

You can learn a lot from our pets, including how to have patience and unconditional love.

Trading in your high-heels for sneakers was probably not part of your original plan. After all, chasing your toddler in stilettos would be a disaster. The same goes for saying goodbye to spontaneity and weekend escapes.

What's more, all of these moments - every burp-cloth catastrophe, every three AM alarm clock, every food which flies around the room, etc. – are part and parcel of being a parent. Believe it or no, you'll find that these precious moments are gone faster than expected.

Now we're here - we're navigating this messy, yet beautiful journey with each other; laughing through exhaustion as we celebrate every small win. Because before we know what happened, our kids will be running their own shows.

Every great adventure begins by stepping outside of your comfort zones - in this case, clicking away from them. It's important to remember that every adventure starts by getting out of one's comfort zone.

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