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Laser Eyelid Surgery, also known as Asian Eyelid Surgery or Traditional Eyelid Surgery

In the 1970s cosmetic eyelid procedures were performed primarily by removing fat and skin. It was then necessary to reconnect the skin in order to make eyes appear firmer. Over time however, the patients' eyes began to appear hollow. Recently, the focus of eyelid cosmetic surgery more info techniques has been on redistributing and conserving eyelids' precious fat. It preserves fat and distributes it throughout the eyelid. The appearance is youthful and plump, which lasts for a longer time.

Eyelid New Surgery: Benefits

The lower cheek meets the eyelid at a smooth, convex, junction in a youthful facial appearance. Recreating the "lid cheek" junction is essential to rejuvenating eyes. The junction between the lid and cheek changes with age. By your fourth decade, you'll notice the fat pockets on your lower lips start to protrude. Below the bulge is a valley. This gives the "tear trough" its name. The skin will appear aged. Hollowing of the skin is common around the tear-troughs, under the lower eyelids. Gilbert Lee from Changes Plastic Surgery San Diego CA explains: By using fillers and fat injections such as Juvederm or Restylane to plump up that area, you can achieve a more even transition of the lower eyelid into the cheek. Lasers are a great way to get rid of wrinkles around your eyes. The laser treatment shrinks the skin that surrounds the eye and smoothes the lines. When the irregularities are very severe, it is necessary to perform an eyelid procedure (blepharoplasty) in order to redistribute and fill up the tear-trough. The skin and muscles of both eyeslids need to be tightened.

This can make it difficult to put on makeup. The excess skin and fat in the upper lid could cause this. This could be caused by an ill-developed Levator. The muscle can be found within the eyelid. It opens your eye. It pulls your eyelid downward to create a supratarsal flap (the upper-eyelash skin fold). With age, levator muscle weakness can cause eyelids to droop. You can make a tiny incision on the natural upper eyelid crease, to remove any excess skin or muscle and fix the levator muscles as needed.

How to have a successful eyelid procedure?

Dr. Lee says his eyelid surgery now appears more natural. For his eyelid procedures, Dr. Lee also uses local and oral anesthesia. The Dr. Lee said, "This was a first." Local anesthesia can save patients money and be easier on the body. Patients often comment that their local anesthesia surgery eyelids went well.

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