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How to Keep Carpets Fresh and Clean in High Traffic Areas

Know those places in your house or office where you see people walking around all day long? Carpeted hallways, living rooms and office corridors make for prime dirt-and-grime real estate. It's a challenge to keep them clean, but carpet cleaning can be your guide.

The following is a guide to help navigate this world of carpet maintenance. Understanding that these carpet areas act as busy streets on your feet is the cornerstone to this project. These areas require slightly more attention than those less frequented. Cleaning must be done more frequently and precisely.

Your first defense is regular vacuuming. Think of it as the equivalent to daily street-sweeping. Do not just skim over the surface. It's important to take a more methodical approach, maybe even one that is meditative. Overdoing multiple passes in different directions doesn't mean you're doing too much; this is what your carpet really needs.

Here's the secret weapon: Professional carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning Killara is able to provide specialized tools and the attention to detail no other household vacuum cleaner can. Consider it as if you were calling the special forces to perform a precise operation.

Spills and stains are best dealt with by spot treatment. A quick response is essential. Spot cleaners that are gentle but still effective should always be available near any area with high traffic.

Talk about strategy. These high-risk zones can benefit from carpet runners and protectors. The carpet runners and protectors act as armor or shields to defend your carpets from daily abuse.

If you think that an absolute no-shoes rule is the best solution, then it may be worth thinking about, but this approach might not always work. Because life can be messy, we have to clean. Then clean it again. The carpet dance is one of daily diligence and strategic intervention, as well as the odd professional cleaning.

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