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How To Create And Save A Template In MetaTrader5

MetaTrader 5 is a trading platform that's used by most of the forex brokers and traders in the world. MetaTrader 5's many benefits include support for automated forex trading, MQL5-scripting, and a wide range of indicators. If you wish to switch the visual style or time frame of your forex currency chart, MT5's built-in templates are completely useless. MetaTrader can automatically use your customized template on any forex chart, learn more?

Step 1

Close any active currency charts.

Step 2

By selecting "Chart Window," right click on any of the currency pairs. A default chart will appear, usually with a white background and a chart of bars.

Step 3.

Then select Properties by selecting "properties".

Step 5

The "Colors Tab" is located in the window "Properties". Modify the visual style for the currency graph. The drop-down buttons are located beside each chart element. Use them to choose the color you prefer. Each time you make a change, a screenshot of the chart appears in the "Properties Window".

Step 5

After you have changed the colors to your satisfaction, click "Common" on the left-hand side. MetaTrader 5, you can alter the appearance of chart elements. If you click OK after making your adjustments, the charts will display with the newly modified elements.

Step 6.

You can select a time frame by selecting "Periodicity", which you will find when clicking the right mouse button on any section of your modified currency charts window.

Step 6.

You can also right click on any area of the graph, select "Template", and then "Save Template". The "Filename window" will open. Type in "Default" and click on "Save". If you open a currency chart, it will now use your newly selected visual style.


The template must be manually loaded if "Default", the name of the saved template is not used. If you want to manually apply the template, right click anyplace within the chart and point at "Template", followed by a left-click on the name.

Following these simple instructions will allow you to make the most of MetaTrader 5!

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