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How Many Telescopic Poles Will You Need to Fly?

When you consider installing a flagpole at your place of business, you might be concerned about how many you will need. It depends on the answer you get to that question. For example, it will differ depending on the structure size, position and number of flags. You might consider our site, among others,:

Building Size

Size of structure plays a big role in determining the number of flagpoles required. In some cases, one flagpole is enough for an American flag to be displayed on a simple residential design. Even so, large commercial buildings may need many flagpoles. They will display both the American and foreign flags.

Flagpole Location

It is also important to consider the location of your flagpole. It may be enough to install one flagpole at a central location, such as an entrance or courtyard. If, however, you intend to put flagpoles on the rooftop, parking lot or other areas around your structure, it may be necessary to purchase more than just one.

How many flags do you have?

The number you plan to fly can affect how many flagpoles are needed. One flagpole is sufficient if all you intend to fly at once is the American national flag. Alternatively, if your goal is to have multiple flags flying simultaneously (such as your flag or state's flag) you will need several poles.

For the most optimal flagpole number for your structure it's best to consult an expert in flagpole installation. These professionals will assist you with all the factors listed above. It will help you find the best solution for your specific situation. You should also remember that more poles means more flags can be flown over them and your structure looks more patriotic.

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