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How does Managed Hosting work?

Managed Web Hosting represents a trend that has recently emerged in the Web Hosting business. For a few years, Web Hosts have provided dedicated servers. But because they can be technically difficult to maintain, there is an increasing demand from web hosts for extra services. These include: Reporting and Monitoring, Managed Load Balancing, Managed Security, Manged Storage, and Manged Databases. This extra service is referred as managed hosting, read useful reference.

Need it?

Be sure to first decide if you actually need a devoted server. When you own a web site with high traffic levels, then a server dedicated is necessary. The shared hosting option is suitable if all you need is a simple web page with low traffic. Rental and operation of a dedicated web server are more expensive than those offered by shared hosting solutions. If your business relies on an uninterrupted service, you might want to seriously consider a rental.

You will be required to administer the servers yourself. For this, you must have technical expertise. The majority of people who need dedicated servers also want their host to offer system management services like security, firewalls monitoring, reporting, and backup data.

How can I find Managed hosting?

Most web hosts now provide managed hosting as well. The best way to find managed hosting services is via web hosting directories or search engines. One way to find managed hosting providers is to contact hosts who provide dedicated hosting.

A company that offers managed hosting may offer the service as part of a pre-defined plan or per item. With per-item hosting, you can pick and choose exactly what you need. On the other hand a preconfigured plan offers both the dedicated hosting server and managed hosting at the same monthly cost.

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