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Here are 10 tips on how to select a recycling business

First, does the recycler you're interested in service your neighborhood? The availability of a company rep is vital, because a structured recycling program will be more difficult to execute if the representative isn't available. Learn more?

Has the person you are considering a marketing partner got all of the required experience? Various recyclables do not necessarily have strong and lucrative markets. The company you choose should be able to handle market fluctuations.

Be sure to check their track record. As markets grow and the challenges diminish, many companies start up in recycling. If the economy turns, they may no longer be in business.

Are the service vehicles owned by and operated in-house? It is not easy to rely solely on contractors for the supply of equipment, like recycling equipment, transport trailers, and transportation equipment.

The company should be able to supply the right equipment for the job, including balers, compactors etc. A company that provides the incorrect equipment may cause frustration and cost you more in labor when you are collecting your recyclable material and properly packaging it.

To ensure that your company has all the needed experience, check with the personnel. You should ask for the list of customers who are currently being serviced. Try to find out if the recycler has satisfied long-term clients.

The facility should be inspected. Many recyclers have only a brokering facility and no processing plant. It's fine, but the cost of rejected loads and other problems can be a real problem. In addition, handling "less-than trailer load" materials is difficult. All processing for loose materials is sub-contracted at additional expense.

Is it possible to gather and market different materials by them? There are companies who "specialize". For instance, they may only sell paper, or metals of a certain type. The only time this would be acceptable is if the company produced one specific grade. One large commercial printing company, for instance, might generate scrap aluminum litho as well as film. If you recycler only deals with paper, then it is necessary to contact several more vendors in order to dispose of the other materials.

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