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Enjoy A Beach Vacation – Here Are Some Tips For Planning Ahead For Meals

My family is the most important thing in my life. I cherish extended visits from them read more. My family and my brothers started going to the North Carolina beaches for a week several years ago. We rent condos and just enjoy being together. It's been so much fun! I'm the one who loves to cook (and eat), so that is what I tend to focus my efforts on. I have learned over the years that planning ahead is essential so I can spend time with my kids, not just eating - which is something I love!

These tips have helped us make our trip easier and more efficient. There are all the usual things that you need to take to the beaches, such as water, soda, water, toiletries. Paper towels, foil, napkins and tissue can be found on a master checklist. Once you have a list, you can decide which items to buy at home and which to take. Let us now focus on the food. First, I make sure to create a menu that everyone will enjoy. The sun takes so much of your energy, don't forget about the appetizers or desserts! You can have breakfasts or lunches as well as dinner. Let's start at breakfast.

I like to bring along some muffins, coffee cakes and other breakfast dishes. Consider also cereals, juices, and bagels. It all depends what each person prefers. Do not forget the coffee! Lunches can include sub sandwiches, tacos or pasta salad. For little ones, peanut butter, jelly or grilled cheese sandwiches are also available. We can make tacos and pasta salad ahead of time, although most of the lunch ingredients can only be bought at the shore. The beef can be frozen. Next, let's talk about dinners. Now let's get to the dinners. We usually eat out at least half of the time. This means that 3-4 nights we will be dining in restaurants. The rest will be spent at home cooking.

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