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Couples Counseling and Family Therapy: A Rollercoaster Ride

Let's explore the often messy and confusing worlds of couples counseling and families therapy. The emotional equivalent is to remove a set of Christmas lights. Although it will require some effort, you'll be happy that you did. Explore our website to find valuable insights and resources.

First of all, family counseling does not involve sitting around and airing your dirty laundry with someone taking notes in a notebook. The family counseling is more like playing a game of detectives where everyone in the house is a detective.

Couples counselling? Oh my! It's another rollercoaster. Imagine yourself and your partner dancing. In the beginning, you both step on one another's toes. You'll soon be dancing to the same rhythm with a little help. The goal of couples counseling is to be able to dance together even when the music changes.

One of the coolest things about therapy is that it reveals what I call 'family legends', which are stories a couple tells about each other. The stories you tell about yourself can sometimes be positive, such as "We survived," or they can hold you down. A friend can be a therapist by saying, "Hey have you thought about it this way? These chains begin unwinding.

I can relate to the feelings of someone who shares personal information without knowing them. The same as singing in front strangers. It can feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. You're allowed to feel embarrassed. Therapists are taught to minimize the discomfort. Consider it more like a cup of tea with a trusted friend or family member who won't reveal any secrets.

Today, the therapy has also become very innovative. There are more than just tissues and sofas anymore. Some techniques allow you to rewrite the narrative, literally. Instead of focusing on problems, they focus instead on solutions. You can fix a broken tap without thinking about the person who caused it.

It is true that culture has become an important factor in the therapeutic process. It's when you realize that the Sunday meals Grandma insists upon are not only about the food. It's her way of preserving a strong relationship between generations.

It also means that you won't have to leave the house unless absolutely needed. This is ideal for those moments when climbing Mount Everest just to put on your regular pants seems impossible.

Why bother? Relationships can be frustrating and difficult but are also extremely rewarding.

It's not a sign of failure to choose therapy. It shows that you're prepared to fight for better results. Saying "Yes" is a decision. You can choose to say "Yes!" Connecting instead of being lonely.

What's the Difference Between Couples Therapy and Family Counseling? Tough? Yes. Does it make sense to you? You will be able handle whatever life throws at you.

You may find that, in the crazy rollercoaster called life, a stop for repairs is one of the best decisions you've ever made. Looking forward to an easier ride!

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