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Cosmetic Surgeons-Frequently Asked Questions

In order to perform cosmetic surgery, the surgeon must possess the required qualifications. A patient, or an individual who wants to be operated on by a doctor, chooses him. It is important that both the medical professional as well as the patient try to make a good connection at the very first consultation. The importance of a doctor-patient relationship may be overlooked by some, however for others it's vital. For the patient and doctor to establish a relationship, they should both be open with one another.

Common Topics

Doctors and patients have a great deal of questions they ask and many opinions that they both share. It is important that the two parties discuss safety. It is the cosmetic surgeon who will first assure their patient of minimal or no risks. However, even with this there are still some risks. This is especially true if a patient belongs to the high risk group. People with conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and more are also at risk. In order to determine the state of health of their patients, doctors usually request a complete medical history. These tests will show if a person is stable mentally and/or physically, as well as if they have any conditions that are not yet apparent. It is important that the doctor as well patient discuss pain levels during and after the procedure. In this way, the patient is better prepared to deal with the discomfort. This also helps the doctor understand the level of pain that the patient may experience.

A prospective patient should inquire about the procedures and techniques used by cosmetic surgery. The face plastic surgery is performed in many different ways. It is possible to lift the entire face. Or, it can only be lifted in certain parts of the body. A doctor is likely to recommend the technique that best suits the needs of the patient. In the case of a patient who wants to focus on her eyes, the technique will likely be one which focuses on those eyes. The medical professionals are likely to show a picture of the face that she would like to have. Since computers are limited, previews will not be accurate but they should be close.

Cosmetic surgeons' qualifications should also be discussed with the patient before an operation. Don't get surgery from a non-qualified doctor, or someone who says they have experience in plastic surgeries but can't show certifications. It is important that the operation takes place in well-respected clinics or hospital. The patient must be careful as some doctors will ask that the procedure is performed in a different place. If you want a qualified team, it is okay to request one. It's better to go somewhere where they may have less-qualified staff.

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