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A Hidden Road To Recovery? What Was that magic money tree?

While lockdown measures have been eased and Guest Posting staff are returning to work, retailers have reopened their doors.

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This is due to the costly policies implemented in order to boost the UK economy following the Covid-19 epidemic. The furlough system is one example. Small businesses can also benefit from grants and bounceback loans.

According to conventional wisdom, in order for the government to address the growing debt over the past few months it is necessary either increase taxes or the amount of public spending.

The Observer recently published an article written by David Gauke, dated 11 July 2020. It was entitled 'Tax increase and reduction are only two ways to pay Covid-19.

Gauke wrote, "Once economic shocks are over, government needs to close the hole by raising taxes or cutting expenses."

BBC published an article titled "Coronavirus 2020, How much will it cost the UK?" It stated that the deficit was forcing government officials to choose among increasing taxes, borrowing more money, or cutting spending.

Conventional knowledge, on the other hand, can often be incorrect or incomplete. Conventional belief, for example used to state that Earth is not the central point in our solar system, but the Sun.

In relation to recovery from Covid-19, unreliable conventional knowledge is once more surfacing.

You can literally make money by...

It is important to remember that all money used today is created artificially.

To facilitate the trading of high-value goods and service, human societies has developed all these currencies: Pounds, Euros, Dollars, etc.

Royal Mint manufactures the banknotes, coins and other currency.

Truthfully, it only affects a tiny percentage of all people.

Commercial banks are commercial banks that offer loans to their clients. Commercial banks such as HSBC NatWest Santander offer their customers loans.

In 2014 the Bank of England issued a document entitled, Money Creation and Modern Economy. They stated the issue very clearly. It was very clear.

How does one make money? Bank deposits make up the bulk of today's money. The majority of money is created through commercial bank lending. When a commercial bank opens a new account, they are creating more money. This is an alternative description to the one in most textbooks on economics.

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